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Minimalism and children: improving well-being and helping the environment

Minimalism and children? Surely do-able! Do your children’s toy baskets erupt like volcanos? Cars, robots, puppets and books instantly go from inside the basket to all over the floor. Do you notice that often after the eruption they end up playing with the same two or three toys? If this is the case, it’s time […]

Help your children to live eco-friendly lives

Ecologic Lifestyle - Teach your children conscious living

What can you teach children to help them respect the environment and live eco-friendly lives? This article offers some ideas on topics to use to start talking about the environment with young children. You’ll also find suggestions for inventing games and activities that will help children become more aware of the environment and develop healthier, […]

Our games have won a STEM gold seal

The four games with ecological theme in our catalogue have been awarded a “STEM’S GOLD STANDARD TOY SEAL”, by STEM.org Educational Research™. This is a recognition which certifies the authenticity and reliability of our products, from the point of view of the STEM learning content presented (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). High […]

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