Adventerra Games is an eco-friendly Swiss brand specializing in the creation of educational games about environmental themes. We are people who share a passion for games, a love for nature and a strong desire to protect our planet. From the beginning, Adventerra Games was all about creating exciting games – and showing kids they have the power to help the planet!

Adventerra Games is born

Bryan Mundell, professor and father, realizes there are few good tools for introducing environmental issues to children. He’s loved games all of his life, and enjoys using them to teach difficult concepts to students, to make learning fun. So he realizes gameplay is a great way to transmit his passion for the planet to younger generations! He creates Adventerra Games in Lugano, Switzerland, to educate children about the environment with exciting eco games in schools.

Since day 1, all of our games have been designed in Switzerland, which has always been recognized for its quality, precision, and reliability.

Our first game!

The brand’s first board game, “Acquagame”, is born, with the goal of helping children understand the importance of water, and how they can conserve it in everyday life. It takes a lot of research, but we are able to make it in an eco-friendly and sustainable way, with plant-based inks and recycled wood, and without any plastic component.

Success in schools

Following AcquaGame’s success in schools, three more educational eco board games are created to address critical environmental issues: recycling, energy use, and global warming. With enthusiastic feedback from teachers, more schools begin using our games. Excited that the games help children and their families to conserve resources and recycle more effectively, utility companies start sponsoring our games in their local schools!

The team expands

We’re receiving a lot of praise and feedback from parents. So, our small business starts growing! Bryan partners with three young business professionals, Alessandro, Federico e Stefano to expand the brand into retail. We begin offering our games to the general public, and Adventerra Games builds a loyal fan base of families looking for fun green games to play at home.

International interest grows

Thanks to demand from parents of young children, we create a new line of educational games for toddlers and preschoolers! In addition to Switzerland, multiple distributors in Europe now sell the brand’s educational eco games. The US team launches in November, introducing the eco games to the North American market.

The adventure continues …

Adventerra Games continues to pursue its mission driven by the support of all those who, like us, believe they can save the planet… by playing games!