Our games have won a STEM gold seal

The four games with ecological theme in our catalogue have been awarded a “STEM’S GOLD STANDARD TOY SEAL”, by STEM.org Educational Research™.
This is a recognition which certifies the authenticity and reliability of our products, from the point of view of the STEM learning content presented (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

High quality games for adults and for children

This seal means a great deal to us because those who choose one of the four games which have received the STEM authentication will have a further proof of the quality of our games and our competence in designing games with valid educational content centered on the transmission of human and scientific values safeguarding the environment and its precious resources.
Buyers can be confident that Global Warning, Recycle Rally, PowerHaus or WaterGame will help develop the abilities of young players.

«PowerHaus […], WaterGame, Global Warning and Recycle Rally all excelled during our evaluation process”, revealed Andrew B. Raupp, Executive Director of STEM.org Educational Research™ “averaging in the top 94th percentile of over 1,250 STEM products authenticated since 2014.»
(our translation, source: https://kidstuffpr.com/portfolio/adventerra-gaames-stem-2020/)

What is STEM.org?

“STEM.org is the longest continually, privately-held STEM education research and credentialing organisation in America. […] Its team demonstrates the best in pedagogics/andragogics, supporting the world’s top brands, organisations and thousands of educators globally”, says its site. To find out more about STEM.org, its standards and the special features which make it useful for consumers, visit its official site.

What is the STEM.org Authenticated™ brand?

STEM.org Authenticated™ is a trusted brand which simplifies the life of consumers, making the identification of resources which conform to the STEM standards more immediate, helping them choose high quality products. This is why it is so important that Adventerra Games, focused on environmental themes and safeguarding resources, can boast this important recognition.

Prizes and recognitions for the educational games

Since Adventerra Games (a European company, with headquarters in Switzerland) launched in America, we have received a series of prizes and awards precisely by virtue of the quality and the care we take in making fun games which are educate kids about how to safeguard the environment and natural resources.
The international awards obtained by Adventerra Games in 2020 include those which bear the authoritative signatures of: Academics’ Choice, Tillywig, National Parenting Product Awards, PAL Award and Hot Diggity Awards, to which we have dedicated an article.

“Adventerra Games took the fundamentals of a board game and applied them to everyday life teaching children and their parents about the importance of sorting garbage and recycling”, wrote the Hot Diggity Awards judge. “Kids can apply what they learn from this board game to how they sort trash at home.” (Our translation)


Featured games


Age: 3 + Put together the maxi-puzzle to see how to make your school more sustainable.


Age: 3 +Complete the maxi-puzzle and discover some great ecological behaviors to adopt at home.


Age: 2 + Play from memory and get to know seasonal fruits and veggies


Age: 2 + Associate mummy and cub and discover endangered animals


Age: 2 + Complete the mini-puzzles and learn how to protect the Earth


Age: 2 + Complete the mini-puzzles and learn how to save water


Age: 7 + A river rich in challenges to learn about saving water


Age: 7 + Collect the most rubbish and put it in the correct bins


Age: 7 + A game to learn how to reduce energy waste at home


Age: 10 + A cooperative game to stop global warming


Age: 3 - 6 A classification game to learn how to sort rubbish


Age: 4 - 6 Take polar animals to safety before the ice melts