Our board games awarded prizes by game experts

Great recognition for Adventerra Games! Four of our board games have received many awards in 2019 and 2020, as well as prizes and positive reviews from experts in the world of children’s education: Mom’s Choice, The National Parenting Center, Tillywig and PAL Awards.

We are happy to share our emotion with you, giving more detail about which games have been awarded prizes for their capacity to entertain and educate kids, making them aware of environmental themes and on the actions to perform to safeguard our planet.

The prizes received by our board games

Here are the many prizes which four of our educational games have been awarded, because of their ability to entertain, educate on environmental themes and help in the development of skills and ability in the children playing the game.

Mom’s Choice awarded a prize to Adventerra Games

he Mom’s Choice magazine awarded its Mom’s Choice Award, dedicated to excellence in the world of education, to four Adventerra Games titles. WaterGame, Recycle Rally, PowerHaus, GlobalWarning.
Also, on their site there is an interview with Bryan Mundell, founder of Adventerra Games, in which he also talks about being awarded the prizes and the reasons for the awards to our four games dedicated to the correct recycling of waste, the behaviour which combats global overheating and the importance of saving energy and water.

Four recognitions from the National Parenting Center

During the 2020 spring session, four of our games were awarded a Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center. The games are WaterGame, Recycle Rally, PowerHaus and Global Warning.

Play on Words gave prizes to Recycle Rally and WaterGame

Two Adventerra Games Catalogue games (Recycle Rally and WaterGame) received a PAL award, given by Play on Words, which specifically deals with identifying aspects and features in games which help in the development of correct language in children.
Two articles, containing the jury’s reasons, have been published on the Play on Words site: this is dedicated to the Recycle Rally prize, while this is dedicated to WaterGames.

«This intergenerational game encourages children to use a higher-level language and the cognitive abilities needed to work in a collaborative way, think critically, analyse, compare and rethink, to find the best solutions with highest value”»
– PAL Awards, about the Global Warming game

A Tillywig Toy & Media Award to WaterGame

Our WaterGame was given a Tillywig Toy & Media Award (the game card and the jury motivation can be consulted on the link). As often happens, what struck us about this game is that, although all the participants are adversaries, they have a common goal (safeguarding water), so that they don’t all fail!

«WaterGame cleverly pits players for and against one another by giving them a common cause that, if neglected, becomes everyone’s loss.” – so starts the Tillywig article about WaterGame which it awarded the Tillywig Best Family Fun 2020 prize – “The gloriously illustrated board is a masterpiece of playfulness. Its eye-catching visuals serve a variety of purposes such as keeping track of the communal water supply, a source to which players can turn when running low but that relies on voluntary donations to fend off depletion. […] For if any player arrives at the end with a stock of less than 10 gallons of water, all players lose the game. And while that shared conservation-of-water objective is central to the gameplay, WaterGame serves it up with such an enjoyably entertaining touch that the foremost thing on players’ minds following each game was how much fun they’d just had!»

A STEM’S GOLD STANDARD seal for Adventerra Games games

The four games with ecological theme cited in this article were also awarded a “STEM’S GOLD STANDARD TOY SEAL” by STEM.org Educational Research™. This is a very prestigious prize, because it certifies the authenticity and reliability of our products, from the point of view of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. You can however find a dedicated article on this theme, by following the link.

Know eco-friendly games better

If you are interested, you can become more familiar with the games mentioned in this article, by visiting the pages dedicated to them, on our site:

Also, to find out about the other titles in our catalogue of educational games on environmental themes, download the PDF file, or consult our internet site, rich with fun and educational games which are friends of the environment… and of anyone who is a friend of the environment!


Featured games


Age: 4-6 An original board game endorsed by The Ocean Cleanup nonprofit to raise awareness about water pollution and encourage us to use less plastic.


Age: 3+ A unique 2-in-1 puzzle and observation game about life on a sustainable farm.


Age: 4+ An original, 2-in-1 puzzle and observation game introducing kids to sustainable lifestyle!


Age: 3+ An original 2-in-1 jumbo puzzle that introduce kids to sustainable lifestyle!


Age: 3+ An original 2-in-1 jumbo puzzle that introduce kids to sustainable lifestyle!


Age: 4-6 An adorable 3D board game teaching kids about polar animal conservation!


Age: 3-6 A fun and cute classification memory game that introduces kids to recycling and composting!


Age: 2 + Associate mummy and cub and discover endangered animals


Age: 2 + A cute and original memory matching game teaching about the importance of eating in season!


Age: 2 + Adorable puzzle pairs teaching about the importance of water and how to save it!


Age: 2 + Cute puzzle pairs teaching daily actions to protect the planet!


Age: 10+ A cooperative game to stop global warming


Age: 7+ A game to learn how to reduce energy waste at home


Age: 6 + A fast-paced board game teaching kids about the importance of recycling!


Age: 7+ A river rich in challenges to learn about saving water


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