Small people deserve large games: Adventerra Games

Stop what you are doing for a moment. Leave the office documents and the dirty plates to one side. Put the smartphone down and switch the TV off.

Then, try to ask yourself how come we really are what we are.

This is a difficult question, which we can answer by reflecting on our formal education,, and the career opportunities we had. Yet, at the base of all this, a long time ago, there was probably a book full of pictures of coloured dinosaurs, a doll with a funny face, an educational game which, for the first time, brought important themes to our life; all these informal aspects of our education guided us in the days to come.

Yes, sometimes the most serious and important things start with a game.

These games are serious, even if they are fun.

Because games are important for kids and their families, we created Adventerra Games, a unique company which makes educational games focused on environmental themes.

By playing the games, children and adults cooperate and learn behaviours which make them aware and respectful of the environment, developing attitudes which conserve water, energy and all the natural resources which are essential for the health of our beautiful planet.

Our games go beyond green concepts, as they are designed to teach attitudes and concrete gestures which, outside the game, become habits that good citizens practice to safeguard the planet.

Every day we at Adventerra Games work toraise awareness of the need to respect nature and our shared environment.

People, passion, involvement: Adventerra Team

We at Adventerra Games pour enthusiasm, passion and a love for nature into all our work. We have been doing this for decades, long before the urgent environmental crisis captured the world’s attention.

Building awareness through educational games

Our challenge is to make complex environmental themes accessible to kids, through educational and fun games.

To do this, we personally coordinate the work of manycreative people and pedagogical experts in each phase of the development of the games, from the idea to successive prototypes, through playtesting with the kids in center stage.

We do this in such a way that our games reflect the messages they carry; we pay great attention to the selection of materials (e.g., FSC certified paper and no plastic). We use suppliers in Europe to minimize the CO2 emissions linked to moving and transporting raw materials and components.

Our dream? To change habits and develop pleasant memories

We know we have succeeded when our players do proper recycling, turn light off when they leave a room, and eat local foods in season, and share these good habits with their family and friends. The cherries on the cake for us are the number of smiles on faces.


Featured games


Age: 3 + Put together the maxi-puzzle to see how to make your school more sustainable.


Age: 3 +Complete the maxi-puzzle and discover some great ecological behaviors to adopt at home.


Age: 2 + Play from memory and get to know seasonal fruits and veggies


Age: 2 + Associate mummy and cub and discover endangered animals


Age: 2 + Complete the mini-puzzles and learn how to protect the Earth


Age: 2 + Complete the mini-puzzles and learn how to save water


Age: 7 + A river rich in challenges to learn about saving water


Age: 7 + Collect the most rubbish and put it in the correct bins


Age: 7 + A game to learn how to reduce energy waste at home


Age: 10 + A cooperative game to stop global warming


Age: 3 - 6 A classification game to learn how to sort rubbish


Age: 4 - 6 Take polar animals to safety before the ice melts


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