We partner with people
who love the environment

The board games in our catalogue are not the only products signed Adventerra Games. We collaborate with companies and businesses which are interested in protecting and safeguarding the environment, by making customised games, if necessary designed from scratch.

Bespoke games for companies

Look what your company can gain by selecting Adventerra Games as your partner to produce customised games, either for company gifts or advertising tools to be used in events or marketing activities.

Your signature

Your signature

Put the company logo on all the games in the Adventerra Games catalogue.

Your touch

Your touch

Customise parts of the game and add promotional material: flyers, brochures, etc.

Your idea

Your idea

Make unique games and editorial products. Choose natural materials, game theme and mechanics (playing cards, board games, …)


Why customised eco-sustainable games?

Your brand reputation.
Always greener.

Show customers, suppliers and partners that your company is committed to safeguarding the environment. Highlight your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, create a deeper relationship with stakeholders and improve your public image.

Follow fashion.
What really counts.

Is sustainability merely the latest fashion or a marketing gimmick? To us it is not. It is a trend to follow and to spread because it is good for the planet. We embrace the 17 goals for sustainable development decided upon by the United Nations. We can help you do this too.

The commitment is yours.
For the public good.

Discover an original way of promoting your commitment in green activities. Associate your brand to values that safeguard the planet. Become a supporter and promoter of educational products like the games in our catalogue.

Trust us.
They will trust you.

By showing that you are active in defending and safeguarding the environment, you build consumer trust and increase brand credibility. A partnership with Adventerra Games is an opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

Reduce pollution.
Increase sales.

Add value to products and services: make gadgets, company gifts and promotional products through customised educational games. Your company will demonstrate that it is a green brand; customers, partners and suppliers will perceive it more positively.

For customers
Together with customers.

Increase the intrinsic value of the relationship which your company has with its customers. Spark a debate centred on environmental themes and inspire your customers to become part of the change which helps to safeguard the planet for future generations.

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